What is Tribo?

A cultural network where any event organiser can create - for free - a state of the art mobile app, and provide it to his audience.

An app through which users can browse all of their events and experiences, access special offers and connect to their “tribes” of interest.



Tribo patent allows event organizers to synchronise content push with the event timeline / “Customer Journey”



Business Conferences

Clubs & Associations

Company Intranet/ Media

Conventions and Trade Fairs

Small businesses

VIP Events


Music Festivals

Sports Events

Film Festivals

Museums and Art Galleries

Fashion Shows


Case Studies

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An ethical approach to personal data

Transparent, anonymous, focused on improving your real-life experience - not abusing your personal data or showing you ads you don’t want to see.

It’s time for new standards in digital media, and we will write them together.


A network built for tribes

Tribo is a game-changing new network, where any creator, brand or event can build a perfect mobile media channel. Engage your tribe through meaningful content, enhance their real life experience through state-of-the-art digital tools.

Engage your digital audience directly, as opposed to relying on social networks.