Au Feminin Pluriel

Féminin Pluriel is a non-profit organization, launched in 1992 in Paris whose mission is to increase the professional and personal influence of women of all generations and profiles.

Tribo now serves for all logistical matters: agenda, task management, event planning. Circles are grouped by country and use the Vibes to react to events, dinners, advocacy. Tribo reinforces the sens of community, and by fostering collaboration, empowers the women and furthers the mission.

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Locarno Film Festival 2018

an annual film festival held in Locarno, Switzerland is one of the longest-running film festivals, and is also known for being a prestigious platform for art house films.

Locarno Festival team used the Tribo platform to translate the physical experience of the main stage ‘la Rotonda’ into an interactive digital app. The existing community of art house fans used it to react to moments and share the experience, long after the closing night.

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FIFAD 2018

For FIFAD we mapped every aspect of cultural life in Diableret, a picturesque alpine tech village ahead of its time, to the film festival. Shops, restaurants, hotels, stages connected on Tribo to provide a seamless experience.

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Jumping Longines 2018

Tribo served as a one-stop destination for horse racing aficionados to share a privileged moments at the highest level. Results were published live, content was dynamically displayed, syncing to the natural beat of the event.


Verbier Festival 2018

The most prestigious classical music festival in the world used Tribo to extend the live experience.

As the official Verbier Festival app, Tribo gave the audience and musicians more ways to follow and take part in the incredible two weeks of the festival with its variety of venues, genres and mind-blowing talent. 

verbier festival


DigiTAL DAY 2018

How do you sync simultaneous live events in 10 cities with over 70 sponsors?


For digital day we partnered with government institutions, corporate sponsors, influencers, to effortlessly deliver a dynamic multimedia platform for the Swiss public.


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